Pacific Migration NZ Ltd.
     - Pricelist 2018  --- valid from April 2018 until March 2020.
     - Fees are in NZ$ excluding the 15.00% New Zealand  Goods and Services Tax (a type of value-added tax on supplies and services).


We exclude this value added tax in our prices as it does not apply to non-residents who permanently reside outside NZ at the time our services are provided, and who are not classed as residents for tax purposes.

Pacific Migration generally provides a fixed quote for all long-term visa work.

The prices set below may vary according to the visa application timeframe, the complexity of each application and the number of applicants  (family members) involved.

The prices set below should be considered as the suggested maximum amount and after allowing for contingencies, should be useful for migrant budget purposes.

Package Prices:


Permanent Residence (*SMC):
*Administration Fee: $3,300
*Management Fee: $1,500
Total: $4,800

Permanent Residence (*ReEmp):
*Administration Fee only: $3,300

Business Visa :

*Administration Fee: $5,200
*Management Fee: $2,600
Total: $7,800

 Investor :

*Administration Fee: $4,700
*Management Fee: $2,400
Total: $7,100

Job Search Assistance:

*Administration Fee: $2,625
*Interview Fee: $675
Total: $3,300

 Application for Work Visa:

*Administration Fee: $1,400
*Management Fee: $700
Total: $2,100

 Application for Visitor Visa:

*Administration Fee only: $700

 Application for Student Visa:

*Administration Fee only: $800

 Application for NZQA Qualifications Assessment:

*Administration Fee only: $750

 Application for Professional Registration:

*Assistance Fee only: $1,400

Variation of Conditions:
*Administration Fee only: $700

* Administration Fee:- Payable when signing the formal Agreement Forms
  This fee is for the work done prior to the submission of an application and requires many hours of preparation and discussion..

* Management Fee:- Payable on INZ Application Acceptance.
  This fee is for the ongoing management and communication while the INZ are processing the application and continues until a final decision has been made.

* SMC: Skilled Migrant Category 
* ReEmp: Relocated Employee 

* Administration Fees are non-refundable.on submission.

 * Prices do not include third party costs such as Medicals, Police Clearances, IELTS assessments, Immigration NZ and NZQA direct fees and/or Professional Registration Fees.

To prevent any conflict of interest, Pacific Migration offer free no-charge assistance to employers (on request) for the effective processing of any visa application.

This employer assistance is only given with the written approval of the client-principal applicant.



Any refunds are to be negotiated and agreed on the basis that payment should be made to Pacific Migration for verifiable hours worked (refer to the hourly rate below) prior to notification of the cancellation of the formal agreements and prior to an application submission, the total of which must be deducted from any pre-paid administration fee; with the agreed balance to be reimbursed to the client by cheque or direct bank transfer in total within 10 working days.

Other Services

Pre-submission application investigation and/or preparation, and/or Business Project Evaluation and/or Planning  fees are to be set by and agreed by - negotiation.

Sundry advisory services (not listed above) and refund calculations are to be based on NZ$ 96.00 per hour, plus G.S.T. (if applicable).