Frequently Asked Questions

This section of our website is created so you can find answers to some common queries you may have about our service or about migration to New Zealand in general.


Processing times

Q: If I am in NZ, and have lodged an application, how long will it take to process? 

A: This will depend on what type of application is lodged.

Business Investor Category 12 months, although INZ are making every effort to speed things up.

Skilled Migration Category (EOI pool) results depend on the points accrued.

Processing of the ITA depends on the country of origin and the number of applications at any one time....it is usual to allow 12 months from submission to the final decision..

Family category can take 12 to 18 months, unless priority applies.

Pacific Migration usually discusses these processing issues well in advance of any application being submitted.


Verification of application

Q: Why does an application take so long to process? 

A:Each of the documents that you provided needs to be checked to make sure that the application that has been presented is correct and true.

This verification process takes time.

Also, depending on which INZ centre is handling the application, there may be long queues awaiting processing.

There may also be limited quotas that apply to a category, especially when dealing with family sponsorships.


How to Find a Job offer

Q: How do I find a genuine job offer in NZ?


A: You may wish to work with a professional job seeking company who assists clients to find genuine jobs.

They will make contact with the employers on your behalf and can schedule job interviews for you.

Alternatively, but only under certain predetermined conditions, Pacific Migration may assist the client with the preparation of a relevant CV and with the logistics of a job search.

Otherwise (and depending on the availability of a visitors visa) you may wish to visit New Zealand and search for a job while in the country.

This method can be very effective but is expensive and has visa time restraints that make this approach rather difficult.

It is relatively easy to find a job in NZ, but because of the relatively small national labour market and you will help yourself by following the advice below:

  • You must speak, read and write English adequate to receiving and understanding instructions in your chosen occupation;
  • Have a detailed and relevant CV which is easy to read by NZ employers; 
  • Be determined, persistant and have patience;
  • Bring sufficient money to support yourself while you are looking for a job, as this could take many weeks with travel to interviews throughout the country;
  • Be prepared for rejection;
  • Socialise and tell everyone what sort of job you are looking for; 
  • Arrange a mobile phone so potential employers are able to contact you;
  • Be prepared with your name, address & phone number on a business card.


Once you have found a NZ employer, we can assist with the wording of the job offer and employment contract for INZ purposes and with the forms and letter to be completed by the NZ employer.


Start or purchase a business

Q: What sort of business can I start or purchase in NZ?

A: You are only allowed to be self-employed under the Investor-Business categories.

The NZ business that you plan to start or purchase must be the same or similar to that type of business in which you have gained your business experience.

No one on a work visa is allowed to be self-employed, as the conditions of the work visa for the principal applicant will be restricted to the employer named in the application.


Receive benefits in NZ

Q: Can I get a benefit or financial assistance after arriving in NZ?

A: Not usually.

Newly arrived migrants are not entitled to any kind of benefits or financial assistance for the first 24 months of their residence, or unless their visas have been approved for a period of 24 months (or more) in the first instance.

New Zealand has a universal accident health insurance (ACC) scheme that covers everyone (regardless of their immigration status) for accidents.

However, no scheme exists for sickness or pre-existing conditions.

Therefore it is highly recommended that travel insurance be acquired prior to arrival in NZ.

Bring your pet with you

Q: Can I bring my pet with me to New Zealand?


A: The only animals allowed into New Zealand are cats, dogs and horses.

Depending on your country, various tests and injections apply before your pet can travel to New Zealand.

Also dependent on country of origin, animals may have to be kept in quarantine for a period of time.

This can be expensive, costing up to and over NZ$ 1000 per animal, depending on length of stay.

You can find more information at the biosecurity website


Retire in NZ

Q: Can I retire to New Zealand?


A: Immigration New Zealand does not offer a special visa scheme for the retired, you would have to be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in any one of the migrant visa categories made available by INZ.

However, if you are eligible to apply for a Visitor Visa, you can spend 9 months out of every 18 month period in New Zealand, or apply for an extended visa for three 6 month periods in every 3 year period.

You will have to leave New Zealand for the same amount of time as you have resided there.


Validity of Residence Visa

Q: How long is a Residence Visa valid for travel to New Zealand?


A: Permanent Residence Visa's first issued by Immigration New Zealand are normally current for travel to New Zealand within 12 months from date of issue.


Returning Resident Visa

Q: What is a Returning Resident Visa?


A: Your first Returning (Travel) Resident’s Visa is issued to you at the time you are issued your Permanent (Internal) Residence visa.

It is valid for two years from the date that your residence permit is granted.

After your first Returning Resident’s Visa expires you must apply for a second Returning Resident’s Visa within 3 months AFTER the expiry date
Your second and subsequent visa will be valid indefinitely (enabling multiple trips in and out of New Zealand indefinitely).

This indefinite visa is granted provided you are able to meet the requirements that show commitment to New Zealand; that is, in most cases spent most of your time in New Zealand.

Please note that without a valid Returning Residence Visa, you may not be able to return to New Zealand from an overseas trip.